Easily remove: mud, dust, dirt, germs and chemical surface residues from your fruits, vegetables and any cutting surfaces (wooden, plastic or stainless steel).

The ZeoliteClean package 300ml together with the 30ml spray are the most suitable for your needs.
Ingredients: Chios Mastic, Green Olive Oil Soap, Water, Dried Fruits, Lemon, Baking Soda and Zeolite.
• Soap: The most natural cleanser, used since antiquity
• Chios mastic: With antibacterial properties

Multiple benefits for your fruits and vegetables

Olive Oil Soap Grind. The most natural cleanser!


Deeply cleanses, without altering their nutrients

Eat without fear now with the peel!


All vitamins are found on the peel of Fruits & Vegetables!

Gives “life” during their maintenance.


An innovative 100% Greek product for a healthier, purer, consumption of Fruits & Vegetables!

ZeoLite CLEAN | 100% Natural Greek Product!

It is an innovative, scientifically tested cleaning product, 100% made from natural ingredients!

Directly, better and safer results than ordinary empirical washing methods!

Fruits & Vegetables
Natural Cleanser for Fruits & Vegetables

  • Zeolite
    It has an ion exchange capacity.


  • Mastic Chios
    With mild antibacterial and microbiocidal effect!


  • Pure Olive Soap
    Natural cleanser!
Καθαρισμός Φρούτων και Λαχανικών

It conserns you

A scientific approach for more reason to buy our product!

San Francisco State University and the University of Michigan found that buying a product that is accompanied by a creative experience while using it is capable of catapulting our sense of happiness even higher than a pair of Louboutin heels. As they saw, buying a musical instrument, a gym or other exercise equipment, or even […]

What the ZeoliteClean product REALLY stands for!

The research of the Universities and the Organizations around the consumption of fruits and vegetables continues and will continue forever and it is a confirmation of what the ZeoliteClean product REALLY stands for! See below the latest Surveys and what they say about the value of eating fruits and vegetables with the lowest possible chemical […]

See one of the reasons we insist on “Proper” washing of our Fruits & Vegetables!

Candida auris: The new fungus that threatens Humanity The risk code for the growth and spread of microorganisms highly resistant to antibiotics and antifungals has been ringing for years. The “Black Prince” of these microorganisms, a species of “Fungus of Darkness”, is now proving to be the very deadly Candida auris, which first appeared in […]

How do I finally wash my fruits and vegetables?

The ZeoliteClean Team informs you about the position of the Ministry of Health regarding the proper treatment of washing fruits and vegetables. A position which unfortunately causes confusion because it contradicts the position of the Secretary General of Civil Protection which is presented through an image in its advertisement! We present to you both views […]

How ZeoliteClean Works ?

How to use ZeoliteClean is transformed into the following image: Fruit or vegetable resource in enlargement Picture what this resource contains: Bacteria Dust Mud Soil Organic waste   The water enriched with ZeoliteClean enters this resource and in turn they act: Chios mastic that destroys germs, bacteria etc. Zeolite that traps heavy metals and toxins […]


In order to bring the best possible DISINFECTION result on any Surface, according to the safest and irrevocable PRINCIPLES, the CORRECT is necessary, necessary and first of all, CLEANLINESS * of this Surface! The use of ZeoliteClean is considered the most necessary ally in the preparation of our Fruits and Vegetables to eat! Just like […]

Strawberries – get to know them better!

Undoubtedly, strawberries are a favorite fruit of young and old. In fact, today there are over 600 varieties. Strawberries are sweet, slightly spicy berries and are ranked in the top 10 fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant content. The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds, including strawberries, vary. As the consumption of […]

FMS – FOOD MARKET SHOW .. We’ll be there!

We are pleased to invite you to FMS – FOOD MARKET SHOW 2021 ..to visit us click:  

New active formula of Zeolite Clean!

SRC GROUP is pleased to announce the NEW herbal active formula of Zeolite Clean. See the impressive results of this, per fruit or vegetable in the New Formula Certificates. Now food safety and hygiene finds what it really deserves! .. ..and don’t forget: Zeolite Clean .. always  sure, only when use!

Tomato cleanliness analysis

SRC group and ZeoliteClean attach the cleaning results after using Zeolite Clean in TOMATOES. The chemical analyzes demonstrate the necessity of using the special cleanser as it is proven that it manages and removes effectively and in size up to -85% all the chemical residues that are found on the surface of the specific vegetable. […]

Natural Cleanser for Fruits & Vegetables ..100% Natural Greek Product!

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