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The ZeoliteClean Team informs you about the position of the Ministry of Health regarding the proper treatment of washing fruits and vegetables. A position which unfortunately causes confusion because it contradicts the position of the Secretary General of Civil Protection which is presented through an image in its advertisement!

We present to you both views so that you can receive the information, evaluate it and consequently draw your own conclusions about what you consider to be the most appropriate for the healthiest way of cleaning your fruits and vegetables!


Regarding fresh, whole / whole foods of plant origin (fruits and vegetables) usual simple cleaning practices can be followed such as discarding obviously dirty surface foliage, thoroughly rinsing with running water, using a solution of water with vinegar. in our next article), peeling.

– The use of detergents / disinfectants in food should be avoided, as it may leave contaminants in the food residual chemicals.


2. Secretary General of CIVIL PROTECTION

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An image of 1000 words!

Your conclusions along with enough “food” for thought as it is a fact that properly cleaning our fruits and vegetables, means we better shield our health .. the way look for it and we are sure you will find it! The ZeoliteClean Team

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