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How to use ZeoliteClean is transformed into the following image:

Fruit or vegetable resource in enlargement

Picture what this resource contains:

  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Mud
  • Soil
  • Organic waste


The water enriched with ZeoliteClean enters this resource and in turn they act:

  • Chios mastic that destroys germs, bacteria etc.
  • Zeolite that traps heavy metals and toxins from chemical residues, pollutants, etc.
  • Soaps that help through their surfactants to bring to the top of the pore the most negative charge that has been created
    and the
  • Water which in turn will remove them all together from the resource and lead them to the sewer!
  • All together now in the environment they bring the smallest possible burden imprint as the cells of Zeolite will carry inside them all the “heavy” elements produced by the above process until they are eliminated once and for all by the same mother Nature!
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