ZeoliteClean wet wipes

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ZeoliteClean the No1 Innovative, 100% Greek product worthy of its unique composition and its effectiveness for a healthier, purer, eating

Fruit & Vegetable!

Proper washing of fruits and vegetables is essential nowadays.

ZeoliteClean, a natural product that helps you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in the easiest way.

The need to close the gap of consumer security, today, is more important than ever!


ZeoliteClean is a plant-based Fruit Cleanser based on Zeolite and Olive Oil Soap. Its purpose is to remove germs, bacteria and chemical residues.

Used for fruits and for cutting surfaces (wooden, plastic or stainless steel).

Contents: 2 water-soluble wipes (1 ZeoliteClean + 1 Water)

Quantity of Use: equal for the cleaning of 2-3 fruits.

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