ZeoGlass & Fruit and Vegetable Washing Booster Zeoliteclean

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Keep your kitchen as clean as possible by showing the necessary care both to the environment and to your loved ones!
The economical packaging of ZeoGlass Dishwashing Detergent & Zeoliteclean Fruit and Vegetable Washing Booster ensures maximum protection and economy!
The undeniable power of Zeolite more accessible than ever in 2nd essential daily action packs!


ZeoliteClean the No1 Innovative, 100% Greek product worthy of its unique composition and effectiveness for a healthier, purer consumption

Fruits & Vegetables!

Proper washing of fruits and vegetables is essential these days.

ZeoliteClean, a natural product that helps you enjoy clean fruits and vegetables in the easiest way.

The need to close the gap in the consumer’s sense of security, today, is more important than ever!

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