For these reasons you should eat cherries!

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“Wherever you hear a lot of cherries… hold a big basket” because these crunchy and juicy summer fruits, in addition to their delicious taste and color, have many benefits for the body. See their 10 beneficial properties and 5 recipes with cherries.

History in red
Cherry is the fruit of cherry, a deciduous tree native to the Caucasus. Since ancient times there has been uncertainty about its origin with the Greeks considering Cherasunda of Pontus the home of cherry. This is how the name came out. Lucullus, a Roman general known for his luxurious meals, brought them to Italy in 72 BC. where he transplanted them. They arrived in England on the order of Henry VIII after trying them in Belgium. They are now widespread throughout the world, and there are many species that thrive depending on the region.

And from nutrients?
Available in the market since June and beyond, they also offer many nutrients, including fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and copper, and each cherry has a small amount.

How they benefit you
– They have antioxidant effect.
– They fight inflammation and protect the cells of the body.
– They function as laxatives and promote good bowel function.
– Help to regulate pressure.
– Strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system.
– Reduce insomnia.
– Protects muscles from damage and contributes to rapid recovery after exercise.
– They function as digesters and diuretics.
– They are effective in relieving rheumatic pain.
– They greatly reduce mental fatigue.

It is no exaggeration to say that cherry leaves nothing to lose, since you can even consume pits. Okay, they aren’t exactly eaten but with the cherries you can make liqueurs.

In addition, if you have the appetite and time to remove the cherry kernels, their flesh becomes spoon sweet, jam, syrup, juice and soft drink. You also make tarts and fruit salads with cherries, and they are also successful in green salads and savory recipes with poultry and meat. Also, decorate summer sweets and cakes and don’t forget the famous maraschino cherries dipped in many drinks and cocktails.

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